Blender 3D, Unreal Engine, Arduino, Pure Data

Digital Video and Sound Performance

Exhibited at 20 Washington Place (RISD)

Cover feature of the College Hill Independent


Entity—the Institute features eight interactive objects either programmed for distance, light and capacitive sensing or attached to contact microphones. When activated, they make sounds such as: voice counting in Chinese, monologue on obedience, and noise. The digital screen displays a 3D-rendered animation of an imagined dystopia named “Entity”.

In the exhibition, the audience interacts with the objects and creates fleeting narratives.
In the performance, I interact with the object in an order that sounds transform from legible speech and melody into noise.

Through constructing two narratives, linear and fragmented, within a simulation of alternative history, Entity—the Institute investigates the reliability of recounts and whether historical “truth” can be achieved. It examines how history can be preserved and transmitted in language, object, and direct experience, and reveals the fragility of each: language can disintegrate into noise, objects can be destroyed, and the experience is ephemeral.