Research Project, Instructional Map and Audio

Exhibited at Gelman Gallery (RISD)

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Common Ground investigates body movement inside totalitarian architectures.
A series of movement maps with audio instructions were made influenced by the theories of Foucault and Arendt, and documentation of movements such as Labanotation. The audience is asked to follow the same paths as in these structures in an open space and imagine what they would see.

Structures represent social control and organization of the body in space.
I aim to bring attention to the obedience and dissonance between built structures and our bodies. I selected architectures that have never been constructed. In this way, the reenactment of movement conjures up the immateriality and the spirit that goes beyond the existence of buildings. The absence of the architecture and the presence of our body reveal the residual, invisible scars that structures imprint onto the body.